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Best Home Security Systems

  • FrontPoint Security 855-801-8561
  • Protect America Security 888-821-4137
  • Vivint-Security 855-873-1437
  • ADT Security 855-270-3025
  • LifeShield Security 877-455-4830

Invest in a Best Home Security System for Protection

  • Besides protecting your family and possessions, alarm systems enhance resale value
  • With mobile applications, you can use your cell phone to monitor surveillance video
  • Click or call the best home security systems companies for free consultations today
  • Not having a security system can increase your chances of being robbed by 300%
  • Over 2 million burglaries are reported in the U.S. each year. It can happen to you!
FrontPoint Security

Frontpoint Security Review

Frontpoint Security provides complete security packages that are 100% wireless, requiring no landline or wires in your walls. They have three plans that each offers different components, creating a personalized system to fit your plan and budget. Frontpoint is focused on providing exceptional customer service, ensuring complete satisfaction.
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(855) 801-8561
Protect America Security

Protect America Security Review

Offering numerous options for all price ranges, Protect America provides consumers with the ability to choose the best plan for their family and their budget. Voted a Consumers Digest Best Buy, Protect America combines great rates and state-of-the-art technology with award-winning service to provide you with incredible flexibility and customer satisfaction.
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(888) 821-4137

Vivint Security Reviews

Vivint Inc. has become one of the largest home automation and home security companies in North America, with a major feature being its home security systems. It operates offices in the United States and Canada and serves more than 800,000 customers. Vivint provides excellent solutions for consumers concerned about energy consumption or who want advanced home automation features.
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(855) 873-1437


ADT Security

ADT Security Review

Most people have seen a sign indicating that a home is protected by ADT. With over 6 million customers, ADT is the largest home security provider in the United States. Under its money-back guarantee, if after six months you’re not satisfied, ADT will refund not only your monitoring fees but also all installation fees.
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(855) 270-3025
LifeShield Security

LifeShield Security Review

LifeShield Security was created over a decade ago by a homeowner who was unhappy with the technology and equipment available to him at the time. Through hard work and creativity, he was awarded multiple patents on unique home security designs, and LifeShield has been growing ever since. The company boasts excellent customer service and a loyal customer base.
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(877) 455-4830
Apple’s dual release of the iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5s comes just a year after the release of the original iPhone 5. Understandably, some might question the logic in getting a new phone — or phones, in this case — out so quickly. Yet the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s provide several newer features, and gives consumers an option worth picking their brains over: do they want an upgrade that’s affordable, or a dazzling new phone that’s never been seen before?

iPhone 5c: new casing, new camera, small price

Both phones provide some changes to the original iPhone 5. The iPhone 5c has less changes, but it does provide a cheaper alternative in upgrading your old phone with some flashy new looks. The outer casing of the iPhone 5c, for example, includes a new polycarbonate plastic shell that’s available in five different colors: pink, sky blue, white, lime green, or yellow. The casing is smooth but hard, allowing for more resistance to cracking in the case of accidental dropping. Adjustments in the phone itself also provide the user with several new options. The new steel antenna is also the backing of the phone, which allows for more physical space for a fancy new HD camera and a larger battery. Additionally, the iPhone 5c includes the newest operating system, Apple’s iOS 7. Starting at just $99 for a service plan renewal, it’s clear to see that the iPhone 5c is a good bargain for a pretty decent upgrade.

Get the latest technology with the iPhone 5s

While it’s a bit more pricey, the iPhone 5s provides all of the latest gadgetry and internal processing speed Apple customers could ask for. It’s 64-bit chip processor matches some laptop speeds, and is twice as fast as the original iPhone 5. Users won’t be complaining much about speed with a phone like this! In addition to its enhanced processing, the iPhone 5s has several other features that make it appealing. It’s new 1.5 micron pixel camera provides HD imagery that can’t be matched. The camera itself can capture 10 frames per second, sorting out the images and combining them in no time at all to provide a better image overall. The video for the iPhone 5s is also better, shooting 120 frames per second and allowing you to watch your videos in slow-motion. With a new LED light fixture on the device that allows different lighting options to match the scenery you’re in, those who are looking for a camera as well as a phone will be drawn to the iPhone 5s. If security is your concern, the iPhone 5s has you covered there as well. In addition to the normally secure format that Apple customers have come to familiarize themselves

Why All Those Wires?

There are many different ways of connecting technological devices together. One method is called Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth has become increasingly popular in recent years for many reasons. To communicate with each other, devices utilize wires, cables, connectors, signals, electrical wires, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet cables are often used. The big draws of Bluetooth are that none of these are needed since it is wireless and automatic.

How Bluetooth Networking Operates

Before communication begins, devices determine how they will speak to each other.†Devices with Bluetooth technology transmit data through low-power radio waves. The radio-frequency band it communicates on has been set aside for industrial, medical and scientific devices. Familiar devices that also use this frequency are baby monitors and garage door controllers. In designing these devices, the way the frequency systems work ensures that interference between them won’t interrupt functioning.

Wireless Infrared Communication

Another way of connecting wirelessly is by using infrared communication. This refers to light waves of a lower frequency than human eyes can receive and interpret. A setback to infrared communication is that it is a line of sight technology. This means a device needs to be pointed directly at the system it’s communicating with in order to function. Advantages to infrared communications are that they are considerably reliable and affordable.

Bluetooth System Interference

In connecting wirelessly with Bluetooth, systems create a personal-are network (PAN), or piconet for you. These networks can take up a room no more distance than that between a cell phone in someone’s pocket. Once a piconet has been established, the Bluetooth frequencies will randomly jump in unison to avoid other piconets in the same room or nearby. This allows for multiple Bluetooth systems in the same location to operate simultaneously. A technique called spread-spectrum frequency hopping is also used to limit interference.

Spread-Spectrum Frequency Hopping

Spread-spectrum frequency hopping makes it unlikely that more than one device will transmit at the same time as another and on the same frequency. Using this technique, a device will use various random frequencies within a specified range. It will change frequencies as rapidly as 1,600 times each second. Other devices using the same frequency hopping strategy are very unlikely to land on the same frequency at the same time. If two devices should land on the same frequency, it would last for only a fraction of a second. The devices would still largely remain uninterrupted.

A Networking Standard That Works

Bluetooth technology can help to streamline the complex process of connecting things technologically every day. It eliminates the need for any extra wires, cables, and frustration of connecting electronic devices. Many Bluetooth devices also offer security where users can choose to control and allow other devices to send data. Bluetooth technology has several helpful features that can simplify tasks in our daily lives.


Using a Stair Climber Correctly

Stair climbers are one of the most effective exercise machines available. Gyms and health clubs are typically equipped with these fine machines. Stair climbing offers a better alternative to working out on old fashioned stairs. The low-impact exercise from a stair climber puts less strain on sensitive tissues found in our knees, hips and ankles. Stair climbing builds strength and endurance for other activities like climbing, hiking and skiing.

Proper Form is Mandatory

You should care about the way you are moving your body while working out. There is no need to show off at the gym. Proper form is far more important than setting a stair climber to a higher than necessary level. It’s sadly too common to see people using the wrong form on climbers. The improper stance can easily lead to an ineffective workout. The chances of injury rise.

Handrail Don’ts

It’s easy to misuse the handrails on a stair climber. You should be working out the main muscle groups in your legs when using a stair climber. Transferring your body weight from your legs to your arms is a no-no. Unfortunately, improper use of handrails is common. This lead to manufacturers adjusting the design of the handles by creating rails that point upwards. The newer design makes it easier to maintain proper form.

Handrail Do’s

Handrails are designed to help maintain your balance on a stair climber and nothing more. If possible, don’t use handrails at all – you’ll achieve a more intense workout. Chances are you’re programming the stair climber’s settings too fast if you find that you must hold on to the handrails. When maintaining balance, hold the rails gently. Never grip the rails too hard or lean on them, putting harmful strain on your wrists.

Maintain Correct Posture

Keep a straight back with your eyes looking forward but don’t overextend your shoulders. You want to achieve a relaxed stance while maintaining a straight back, not a severe Marine-like form. Lean just a little bit forward at the hips, adjusting your body weight forward ever so slightly. This will prevent your knees from locking. Your lower back will also thank you for it.

The Right Footwork

With each step, make sure your whole foot makes contact with the pedal. Firmly plant each step flat so your buttocks and thighs are engaged. You will be rewarded with a firmer rear and legs. Avoid hopping on the stair climber. Short and fast footwork is not ideal. Deliberate and even steps are the best ones to take. Hopping steps put more tension on your calves. They burn less calories than deep stepping.


Outdoor Tech OT1000 Reviews

Outdoor Tech moves to the beat of a different drummer. Rather than hit you over the head with technical jargon and other such schematics, this Los Angeles-based company approaches the business of technology with its tongue firmly planted in its cheek. However, don’t let their somewhat irreverent attitude fool you. They’re serious about producing quality equipment. And one of the best ways that they demonstrate this is through their Outdoor Tech OT1000 earbuds.

Get Outdoor Tech OT1000

A Simple Design to Provide Simply Terrific Sound

There is nothing overtly fancy about the Outdoor Tech OT1000’s dogtag-style earbuds. The lightweight†design, however, does give them a rather sleek appearance that doesn’t look clunky or awkward. This clutter-free motif naturally extends to the device’s sound properties. The device itself is capable of providing clear, clean audio for a 30 foot range. This is a very important feature if you are planning on being active wearing them, since it won’t necessarily require you to clip the source on your person.

Carry on a Conversation with Relative Ease

The Outdoor Tech OT1000 comes fully equipped with a built-in microphone. This component allows the earbuds to†work ideally†as a means to make and receive hands-free calls from anywhere as long as you are connected with your smartphone. Plus, the volume on the device is easily adjustable, so you will have no problem hearing the voice on the other end. This component is a huge feature for those on-the-go types that don’t want to slow down in order to take care of business.

Clips to Ensure the Device Won’t Go Anywhere

The Outdoor Tech OT1000 is designed for those that adhere to an active lifestyle. As such, they have prepared for such clientele by making sure the earbuds are able to be secured even during the most rigorous of activities. Each device comes with removable over the ear sport clips designed to keep the buds in place regardless of movement. This allows even the most active of users to freely move about without fear of the gizmo popping loose and potentially ending up in a precarious situation.

Final Review of Outdoor Tech OT1000

Outdoor Tech’s OT1000’s†sleek and minimal design keeps things simple and from getting too awkward. At the same time, the device’s ear clips ensure their overall security when the user is out and about doing activities. With additional features like a nice wireless range of 30 feet and hands-free microphone capabilities, it is a gadget that you can and should take seriously. Thank you for reading our Outdoor Tech OT1000 reviews.

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Jaybird Freedom Review

Jaybird Sport’s product line is built around the concept that its customers are of a mobile nature.†As such, it has designed its†products to meet the demands of this unique customer. The Jaybird Freedom is an ideal example of how they reach out and satisfy the demographic. These devices are specifically built to handle the distinctive issues that face the active set, providing them with smart solutions that ultimately provide a tremendous experience.

Get Jaybird Freedom

A Great and Easy Way to Experience and Control Sound

Jaybird Freedom’s headsets provide premium and focused sound quality for its users. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the middle of a workout or sitting on the sidelines. The music you want to hear or the phone conversation that you need to have will come through loud and clear. The device also comes with three different sizes of ear cushions and three different sizes of ear tips. This will provide a further level of comfort that is relatively adjustable.

One of the More Unique Warranties on the Market

If you’re working out, you’re sweating. That’s just the way it works. Fortunately, Jaybird Sport completely realizes this, which is why they have equipped each set of Jaybird Freedom earbuds with a lifetime warranty against sweat. This intriguing warranty is a huge plus when you consider that sweat and electronics rarely play nicely with each other. This warranty is an exceptional example of just how much the company understands their target audience.

A Long Lasting and Dependable Battery Unit

The Jaybird Freedom comes with a sturdy battery unit that gives the user 6 hours of active juice before it dies out. However, this doesn’t mean that it will completely drain just by standing around and doing nothing. The battery boasts an impressive 250 hours of standby time, meaning that it can last significantly longer if you plan on using the earbuds for music, talk, or play time sparingly. And the battery is pretty easy to re-charge once it does end up going out.

Final Review of Jaybird Freedom

Jaybird Sport’s†lifetime warranty against sweat is but one feature that shows just how dedicated the company is to making sure they keep this unique demographic satisfied. The high-quality sound that emits from these earbuds also shows how dedicated the company is to making an excellent product. In the end, active people may want to run, not walk, to check this product out. Thank you for reading our Jaybird Freedom review.

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StairMaster 4200PT Reviews

StairMaster did not become synonymous with stair climbing equipment by accident. They did so because they create high-quality pieces of equipment that perform well and provide a perfect platform for its customers to work up a sweat on their terms. Every aspect of the machine is built with the user in mind, from the system that governs the pedals to the stats that can double as motivation. It’s a machine that can coax the best workout performance out of anyone.

Get StairMaster 4200P

Pedals That Let Your Body Move As It Should

The greatest feature of the StairMaster 4200PT is the way in which it controls and monitors pedal performance. Each machine comes equipped with an electronically-controlled alternator with a chain drive which controls the pedals descent with ideal precision. It also deploys independent pedal geometry in order to provide a means of biomechanically correct movement from its users. These pedal features will allow you to move in a natural fashion.

A Perfect Workout to Fit Your Needs

The StairMaster 4200 PT comes with a host of variable workout options that will allow you to set your own workout comfort level. The machine’s selection of four workout programs is not as much as some of the other pieces of equipment from the company. They more than make up for this by providing a step range of 1 to 14 inches and a step rate of 26 to 174 inches. The machine also offers 20 different levels of resistance. These adjustable features give you complete control over the workout’s intensity.

Keep Track of Performance and More

You will be able to keep track of several different performance metrics while you work out on the StairMaster 4200. The device’s two-window LED console will display vital stats such as calories burned, floors climbed, and distance traveled. These stats can provide enough data to encourage you to keep pushing toward and maybe beyond your set goals. The device also comes equipped with a few handy design features like a water bottle holder, reading rack, and accessory tray.

Final Review of StairMaster 4200PT

The StairMaster 4200PT completely shows that the company knows how to put a piece of fitness equipment together. The amount of thought that was put into the pedal operation alone makes the device worth consideration. When you add things like the variable step rate and rage along with touches like the reading rack, you have a machine that can fit your workout life in a most ideal way. Thank you for reading our StairMaster 4200PT review.

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Denon AH-W200 Globe Cruiser Review

Denon has been at the forefront of early digital audio technology for some time. Today, it stands out due to its†stellar quality of its products. The Denon AH-W200 Globe Cruiser is a prime example of what this Japan-based company is capable of providing to the masses. It features a†fully integrated control system and earpieces that fit†the contours of your ear canal. This device is a high-quality product that will grab your attention.

Get Denon AH W200

A Completely Freeing†Sense of Control and Command

The Denon AH-W200 Globe Cruiser’s fully integrated controls make it extremely easy for you to control a host of different devices with a wireless connection. You won’t need a physical cord to have complete command over any device.†And thanks to the gadget’s built-in amplifier, you can expect CD-quality sound.†Not only is it easy to listen to whatever you’d like, but you won’t have to worry about anything less than an excellent audio experience.

A†Perfect Fit Based Solely On You

One of the†Denon AH-W200 Globe Cruiser’s coolest features is its†articulating earpieces. These devices will fully adjust to the contours of your ear canal. If you have ever experienced earbuds that lodge into your ears awkwardly or uncomfortably, you know what a drag †this can be. Having an earbud that fits smoothly and easily will ultimately enhance the pleasure that should come from a listening device that offers†great audio quality.

Keep†Track of All Your Movements and Plans

The Denon AH-W200 Globe Cruiser’s unique travel app†will keep†on-the-go owners of iPhone or Android devices one step ahead of their business plans. The device allows you to track your flight status as well as manage your itinerary. The fact that the app also allows you to listen to custom playlists or one of 70,000 internet radio stations is a bonus feature. If you find†yourself on a plane or on the road frequently, this app can make your traveling life a whole lot easier.

Final Review of Denon AH-W200 Globe Cruiser

The Denon AH-W200 Globe Cruiser puts forth a prime example of what such a great company†does†when they make a set of wireless earbuds. It can provide you a high-quality sound experience, and offers†speakers that fit comfortably and contour to you. Plus, if you’re a frequent travel, the device’s travel app will help you manage your life on the road.†Ultimately, the device is built to provide you with a tremendous amount of ease and comfort. Thank you for reading our Denon AH-W200 Globe Cruiser review.

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Precor CLM 835 Reviews

Precor was virtually on the ground floor of the modern fitness movement. Since its inception in 1980, it has built a sterling reputation as being one of the top players in the fitness equipment game. In fact, if you have been inside a hotel gym, spa, or a health club, itís a virtual lock that youíve seen their equipment. The Precor CLM 835 is an ideal testament to why the companyís reputation is so solid.

Get Precor CLM 835

A Finely Tuned Piece of Machinery

You may not necessarily think of craftsmanship when you think of workout equipment. However the Precor CLM 835 may change this perception. The machineís mechanics are based on a low-friction, self-powered generator system that leads to a machine that operates quietly and without any jarring movements that may otherwise interrupt a workoutís flow. The device also features a unique pulley-drive system that requires fewer moving interior parts to keep it humming.

A Vast and Versatile Array of Programs

The Precor CLM 835 comes equipped with 14 pre-programmed workout routines. These ready-made sessions can be further tweaked by utilizing 31 different levels of resistance. This matter of adjustment will let you decide just how hardcore you want your workout to be for that particular sitting. You can also adjust the height of the steps that you wish to climb, as the steps can be adjusted between a range of 4 to 13 inches.

The Rights Gizmos to Track the Right Metrics

Jacobs Ladder also contains a micro processing unit that allows users to track certain workout metrics. Users will be able to see important distance measurements such as time and length traveled. They will also be able to observe key health related metrics like calories and heart rate. These metrics will allow users to gauge the workoutís effectiveness on the fly without any guesswork. They can also potentially inspire users to push themselves toward surpassing goals that they may have personally set at the beginning of a session.

Final Review of Precor CLM 835

The fact that Precor equipment is so prevalent in gyms across the country is no accident. They put out quality products, and the Precor CLM 835 is proof of this. Equipped with a durable framework and a seemingly infinite array of workout regiments, the device can provide you with a top-notch workout experience that caters to your needs for years on end. If you are serious about getting into or maintaining shape, this device deserves a serious look. Thank you for reading our Precor CLM 835 reviews.

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Jacobs Ladder Review

Jacobs Ladder, the company that produces the stair climber of the same name, was founded by a fitness professional. This impressive pedigree has been extended to some of the product line’s more prominent customers, which include professional football teams, the military, and the FBI. But this lofty client base does not mean that the average person looking for an intense yet low-impact workout cannot enjoy Jacobs Ladder. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Get Jacobs Ladder

A Machine That Goes Where You Go

The most intriguing aspect about Jacobs Ladder is that it is designed to move at your speed. It is not powered electrically which means that there is no wall outlets or electrical currents to worry about. Its ladder-type rungs are built to provide motion strictly by the pace of the user. For example, if a person wants to pick up the pace, the rungs will start to rotate faster based on the user’s stepping pattern. This intriguing feature gives people an extra measure of freedom to work within their own comfort zone without sacrificing effort.

Designed to Protect the Body As It Moves

Jacobs Ladders unique ladder-style design is built with a strict focus on ergonomics. The rungs are spaced out evenly much like an actual ladder to promote natural climbing motion. The overall design of the machine itself is laid out to minimize the impact on the user’s feet, legs, and lower back ñ three areas that are most susceptible to damage and discomfort with these types of exercises. And what makes this machine effective is the fact that this protection does not lessen the effectiveness of the workout.

Keep Track of What You’re Doing

Jacobs Ladder also contains a micro processing unit that allows users to track certain workout metrics. Users will be able to see important distance measurements such as time and length traveled. They will also be able to observe key health related metrics like calories and heart rate. These metrics will allow users to gauge the workout’s effectiveness on the fly without any guesswork. They can also potentially inspire users to push themselves toward surpassing goals that they may have personally set at the beginning of a session.

Final Review of Jacob’s Ladder

It’s no secret why Jacobs Ladder has become a hit with pro sports teams and military branches. It is an effective piece of equipment. The tool gives people the chance to enjoy a low-impact workout at a pace that fits their speed. The fact that you don’t need a plug to get it working also means that you can put it anywhere. These elements combine to form a machine that is worth looking into. Thank you for reading our Jacobs Ladder review.

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Plantronics BackBeat 903+ Review

In the world of wireless headsets, it’s not necessarily the streaming capabilities that set devices apart so much as the other whistles and bells. This is something that Plantronics is fully aware of. They are considered one of the top manufacturers of wireless earbuds and headsets. The Plantronics BackBeat 903+ is a prime example of this. The device’s clear sound, a strong sense of durability, and simple controllability are every bit as big of selling points as its streaming ability.

Get Plantronics BackBeat

Clear, Crisp Sound Bring Music and More to Life

The main draw regarding the Plantronics BackBeat 903+ is its rich audio capacity. The headset features 14 millimeter speakers that offer clear stereo sound and enhanced bass to any music that you choose to stream. These tunes can come from many A2DP-enabled gadgets such as your Blackberry, Android-based phone, or your iPhone. The connection and quality assures that you will be able to hear your music the way it was intended to be heard without any trouble.

Minimal Contact Needed to Enjoy Full Experience

Another terrific feature on the Plantronics BackBeat 903+ is its simplicity. The device’s one-touch control allows you to answer calls, play tunes, adjust the volume, and switch songs with east. Plus, the gadget comes with enhanced voice alerts to inform you of incoming calls, lost connections, and low battery automatically. These special features make the device remarkably easy†to use and manipulate. More importantly, this ease of use allows you to focus on other, more important tasks while you use them.

A Strong and Sturdy Headset You Can Rely On

The Plantronics BackBeat 903+ is designed for an on-the-go lifestyle. Its rugged and flexible construction is built to adjust in three different ways. This allows the user to experience a fully customizable fit. The device can also fold up quickly and be stored in a protective pouch which is included in its set. The gizmo is essentially built in such a way that the user won’t eventually be bugged by its presence on their ears, which could prove to be the most important design feature of all.

Final Review of Plantronics BackBeat 903+

The Plantronics BackBeat 903+ works so well because it concentrates on more than just streaming capabilities. It is great because it features an excellent audio experience with high-quality sounds. It also works because it is a fully customizable unit that works to fit around the contours of your head perfectly. When you add the device’s simplicity of use into the mix, you have a gadget that is worth your consideration. Thank you for reading our Plantronics BackBeat 903+ review.

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